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Highlight of the Month - Chan Keng Tin

2021.08.03 - 2021.08.29

In the Highlight of the Month in August, Touch Gallery presents the solo exhibition of the contemporary ink painter Chan Keng Tin, “Infinity - Chan Keng Tin Ink Art Exhibition", which will bring forth new ideas from the traditional ink art, using ink to outline various forms of grass, so as to express the reflection of ordinary life.


In the creative process of Chan, he used landscape or white deer as the main themes. When he expanded his painting field, he noticed ordinary grasses appear with various postures, each plant tells a different story and shows a magnificent inside world. Therefore, he has set the main theme of his future creation to be grass. Touch Gallery is honoured to exhibit his paintings themed on grass for the first time. In the inextricably intertwined grass clusters, each has its own merits. Each grass is the protagonist, constructing a boundless world.


Chan’s ink paintings learnt from the traditional ink landscape brushstrokes, which is not limited by technique or overly decorated, but emphasizes the meaning instead of the imitation of the reality. The simple lines are combined with heavy and light ink dyeing as well as shadowing, numerous grasses are revitalised in his brush, vigorously and endlessly stretched, while the rich and layered dyeing and colouring constitute a magnificent landscape.


The theme of his creation this time focuses on the ordinary beings, every plant and tree can become a landscape. Although people are assimilated among the masses, in the extensive grasses portrayed in his paintings, we can return to the simple nature and find ourselves.

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