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From Form to X Kan Tai Keung Beyond 80

2022.12.06 - 2022.12.31

Curatorial Statement, by Benny Au Tak Shing

In 1989, I had my first and last full-time designer work in Kan Tai Keung Design. Kan became a friend and a great teacher of mine in the graphic design industry and we have maintained a close acquaintanceship since then.

Last year, my book Light Ensemble was released, a decade-long collection of photographs that captured forms of light bouncing across the cityscapes of Hong Kong. Kan found the book very intriguing and it inspired him to make new works.

Earlier this year, Enders invited me to curate an exhibition for Kan. It reminded the wonderful journey of art between us. Kan suggested to integrate my Chinese name Tak Shing, namely “Virtues and Earnesty”, with Yi (Mind) and Ying (Form), making a brief of his ink art exploration with design background and a wish of him as an artist beyond eight decades of life.

Kan has created two series of new works for this show. Inspired by my book Light Ensemble, the first half is a set of 6 ink paintings. By reshaping the light and shadow with his unique and impressive touches, the artist reimagines a cozy corner of the modern city, resonating the spiritual life of ancient Chinese in the countryside. The idea of the second half comes from the word “Eighty”. Counting from ten to eighty, the calligraphy of Chinese numbers combines the geometric form of landscape, creating a series of mesmerising works of his signature calligraphic landscape, which assimilates calligraphy, landscape painting and graphic design.


From watercolour, experimental drawings, Pop art to Imaginative Landscapes, Calligraphic Landscapes, and his most recent works, this exhibition is a complete retrospection of Kan’s ongoing creative path since the 1960s. Some of which have never been exposed nor exhibited before, so do not miss this rare chance to see his works in person!

Last but not least, I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Enders Wong for giving me this chance to curate for Mr. Kan, once again as his student. This exhibition will always be monumental, in a special place of my heart. 

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