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ARTISTS / Kayoko Mizumoto

水元佳代子 Kayoko Mizumoto

Kayoko Mizumoto trained at Kaga Yuzen Kobo for eight years and worked as a Kutani-yaki craftsman. However, her creations did not follow the trend of modern simplicity. Instead, she combined traditional techniques with her own perspective in an attempt to reflect on the changes and development of the world. , challenging contemporary visions in traditional craftsmanship. Mizumoto uses bright and vivid Japanese-style paint colors, girly manga brushes and various three-dimensional figurative elements to show his rethinking of modern culture, hoping to trigger the audience's association and thinking about daily and cognitive things.

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1971.

1989-1996: Worked on coloring at Kaga Yuzen Studios.

2000: Started pottery at Ajende School of Fine Arts in Mexico.

2001-2010: Engaged in painting at a Kutani-yaki kiln.

2010: Started creating artworks at her home in Ishikawa Prefecture.

2018: Completed the practical training course at Ishikawa Prefectural Kutani-yaki Technical Training Institute.

Solo exhibitions

2021    "BAD BUNNY“ (Ishikawa, Japan)

2020   "I’m here now.“ (Gifu, Japan)

2019    "-JAM-" (Mitsukoshi Main Store, Nihombashi, Japan)

2016    "Kayoko Mizumoto" Exhibition (Gallery Suki, Aichi, Japan)

2015    "carrot and stick“ (Rumpah Rumpah Gallery,  Kanazawa, Japan)

2013    "Wonderland for the sky and colors“ (Rumpah Rumpah Gallery,  Kanazawa, Japan)


Group exhibitions


2024  "The Assemblage of Colours, The Assemblage of Paintings II - Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Painting" (TOUCH Ceramic,

            Hong Kong) 

           "Ephemera" (Samurai Museum Germany)

2023   "NIPPON MANIA" (Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren Germany)

           "Intimate World II" (Seikohaus Ginza Tokyo)

2021   "The Assemblage of Colors The Assemblage of Paintings" (TOUCH Ceramic, Hong Kong)

2020  "TIMELESS" (THE CUBE, Tokyo Japan)

           "From Modernity to the Future" (Mitsukoshi, Tokyo, Japan)

2019   "New Kutani" ( Micheko Galerie, Munich, Germany)

2018   "New Generation" (Gifu, Japan)

2017    "Contemporary Tea Ceremony" (Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of Ceramic Art, Japan)

2016    "Art Fair Tokyo 2016" KOGEI @ kassi ~ selected by MITSUKOSHI

            "Contemporary Ceramics - Guide" Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki

2015    "futurism from Hokuriku" (Ginza Wako, Tokyo, Japan)

            "STROKE ART FAIR" (Munich, Germany)

            "COLLECT 2015 Crafts Council" (Saatchi Gallery, London)

            "Progressive Form" (Ibaragi, Japan)

            "KUTANI Nouveau“ (Isokichi Asakura Museum, Kanazawa, Japan)

            "carrot and stick“ (Rumpah Rumpah Gallery, Kanazawa, Japan)           

            "Kobe Art Marche 2015" (Kobe Merikenpark Oriental Hotel, Hyogo)

            "THE ART FAIR + PLUS ULTRA 2015" (Spiral, Tokyo)

            "One axis, one bowl exhibition" (Mitsukoshi Main Store, Nihombashi, Japan)

            "Rempah-Rempah Art Collection" (Tokyo International Forum, Japan)

2014    "Fusuma  Space/Time experience" (MICHEKO GALERIE, Munich, Germany)

            "Kanazawa Toryoe Kenichi Yokono x Kayoko Mizumoto Two-person Exhibition" (Ber Kazoe, Ishikawa)

            "Zauberbox [Tamatebako]" (MICHEKO GALERIE, Munich, Germany)

            "Kobe Art Marche 2014" (Kobe Merikenpark Oriental Hotel, Hyogo, Japan)

            "THE ART FAIR + PLUS ULTRA 2014" (Spiral, Tokyo, Japan)

2013    "mime 2“ (KOGEI Matsukichi, Kanazawa, Japan)

2012    "Chaos“ (Rumpah Rumpah Gallery, Kanazawa, Japan)

            2nd Kanazawa World Triennale Satellite "Tsubo Nakaten ... No Tsubo Exhibition" (Gallery Rempah-Rempah, Ishikawa)

Art fairs

COLLECT Crafts Council 2015/2021

Art Fair Tokyo 2016/2019

Art Stage Singapore 2017

KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2017/2020/2022/2023

Art Central 2022 (Hong Kong)

Artwork Collections 
Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum (Ibaraki)

Hyatt Centric Kanazawa

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