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ARTISTS / Kazunori Ohnaka

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Kazunori Ohnaka (b. 1971) was born in Yamaguchi, Japan. His inspiration comes from traditional religious art in Japan that often carries an aura of age and wear.


Now in his 52, after years of dedicated study and practice, Kazunori Ohnaka creates ceramics that reflect his profound understanding of life through the medium of pottery. His works exude a sense of "Yugen," a Japanese aesthetic concept that refers to a profound and mysterious beauty that is difficult to express in words. The metallic iron glaze on his works bears the marks of time, creating a sense of incompleteness that suggests the passage of time, yet these objects come to life once again in the hands of their users. Haneoka discovers beauty in the shadows and harmonises the hidden, desolate, and mysterious to create a serene and tranquil beauty that captures the enduring appeal of the past and present. Haneoka's works have been exhibited in many major cities across Asia, showcasing his unique "Yugen" aesthetic and earning him widespread admiration.

1971         Born in Yamaguchi, Japan

2000        Begins studying ceramics

2005        Establishes a studio in Yamaguchi, Japan




2006        The 60th Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Exhibition (Third Prize)

                 The 24th Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition

2007        The 61th Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Exhibition

                 The 25th Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition

2008        The 62th Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Exhibition


Selected Solo Exhibition


2021         Hase, Nagoya, Japan

                 Cans Space, Taiwan

                 Toki no Kumo, Shiga, Japan

                 Timeless-Kazunori Ohnaka Solo Exhibition, Touch Ceramics, Hong Kong

2015         THZ Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

                 Utsuwa Kaede, Tokyo, Japan

                 Hase, Nagoya, Japan

2014         Bonton, Kobe, Japan 

                 Epiphany Garden, Do a Front, Yamaguchi, Japan

                 Tachikichi since 1752, Shibuya Hikarie Cube 1,2,3, Tokyo, Japan 

                 Gallery Cafe S'n Ryoku an., Osaka, Japan

2008        SOFA, Yamaguchi, Japan

2007        Vivian, Osaka, Japan


Selected Group Exhibition


2023        New Moon Rising: A Contemporary Tale, Touch Ceramics, Hong Kong

2021         Toki no Kumo, Shiga, Japan

2020        As Tea Goes By - Duo Exhibition of Kazunori Ohnaka and Wu Cheng-zhi's teaware, Touch Ceramics, Hong Kong

                 Time Travellers - Joint Exhibition of Ogata Kamio and Kazunori Ohnaka, Touch Ceramics, Hong Kong

2019        Beyond Tea Ware: Exhibition of Tea Ware by Chinese and Japanese Artists, Touch Ceramics, Hong Kong

2015         Suido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

                 Yuanbai, Hangzhou, China

                 Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

                 Young Art Taipei, Sheraton Grande Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

                 Collective:EAS_Y Vol.1, N3 ART Lab, Yamaguchi, Japan

2014         Isetan Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan

                 Taiwan×Japan Ceramics Exhibition, THZ Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan 

                 Gallery Soranohako, Tokyo, Japan 

2013         Tsutaya Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan

                 Contemporary Chanoyu Exhibition, Keisui-An, New York, USA

2012         ARCHITALES, Do a Front, Yamaguchi, Japan

                 Deco Play Zoukyo, Taipei, Taiwan

2011         Japan Ceramics Exhibition, Deco Play Zoukyo, Taipei, Taiwan

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