ARTISTS / Kazunori Ohnaka

Education/ Experience

2016   Shows "Signs" series

2012   Shows his first mixed-media works and installation works

2010   Shows "Aging Piece" series.

2007   Has his first solo exhibition of ceramic works.

2005   Establishes a studio in Yamaguchi, Japan.

2000   Begins studying ceramics.

2008  The 62th Yamaguchi Prefectual Art Exhibition    
2007  The 25th Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
           The 61th Yamaguchi Prefectual Art Exhibition
2006  The 24th Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
           The 60th Yamaguchi Prefectual Art Exhibition (Third Prize)    

Previous Exhibition at Touch Ceramics

2020  As Tea Goes By - Duo Exhibition of Kazunori Ohnaka and Wu Cheng-zhi's teaware

           Time Travellers - Joint Exhibition of Ogata Kamio and Kazunori Ohnaka

2019   Beyond Tea Ware: Exhibition of Tea Ware by Chinese and Japanese Artists



Selected Solo Exhibitions
2019   Tobin Ohashi Gallery  (Tokyo)
           Utsuwa Kenshin (Tokyo)
           Utsuwa Kaede (Tokyo)
           Yuanbai (Hangzou)
           Toki no Kumo (Shiga)
2018   Hase  (Nagoya)
           Jiemo Craft  (Shanghai)
           Utsuwa Kenshin (Tokyo)
           pragmata  (Tokyo)
           Banwoo  (Chongqing)
           Bonton.  (Hyogo)
2017   Jiemo Craft (Shanghai)
           Yuanbai (Hangzou)
           Utsuwa Kenshin (Tokyo)
           Toki no Kumo (Shiga) 
           Utsuwa Kaede (Tokyo)
           Tobin Ohashi Gallery  (Tokyo)
           THZ Gallery  (Taiwan)



Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 .Touch Ceramics (Hong Kong)

2019  Touch Ceramics (Hong Kong)

           THZ Gallery  (Taiwan)

2018   THZ Gallery  (Taiwan)

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