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Artist / Kim Eun Joo

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Kim Eun Joo is a Korean based artist who was born in 1982. She uses oil paints as a material and repeatedly shows the image of a girl on the canvas. With a highly distinctive personal style and an exquisite attention to visual details, Kim's recent works have gained significant popularity in local markets in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. They have even received strong promotion and advertising support from renowned shopping malls in South Korea. Almost 90% of their exhibition pieces have been sold.


Graduated from Keimyung University Graduate School of Fine Arts

Solo exhibition 


[Planet B70] [Small Art Museum], Hanam Cultural Foundation, Starfield Hanam, Hanam

[Mutants] [Atrie Gallery], Seoul 
[Magic girl] Organized by: Art Nasal, Subject: Times, [Art Nasal], Ulsan 

[Girl], [Seojin Art Space], Seoul

Group exhibition


[Visual Narratives] [Touch Gallery], Hong Kong 


[La Ordinaire Odalisque], [Insa Gallery], Seoul
[face to face], [Clamp Gallery], Seoul
[Between Love], [ingallery], Taiwan
[Little Wonders], [Insa Gallery], Seoul

[Shall we do it?] [Lee Sangsook Gallery], Daegu
[Blooming MZ] [Jeongsu Art Center], Seoul


[Magical Girl, Island Girl Exhibition] [DGB Gallery], Daegu 
[Place where space stays], [Space Mutae], Daegu 
[NUMOMOMANIFESTO], [Ponti Blu Seoul], Seoul 
[NFT VILLA], Planning: Jinsang Yoo, Haksoon Hong [Hamilton Villa, Itaewon][kote, Seongsu-dong], Seoul 
[then and now] [La Pomme Museum of Contemporary Art], Cheongju 
[2021 HADA Project] [Busan Student Culture and Arts Center], Busan 
[Each point of view] [The Arc Gang Information Lobby Gallery], Daegu 
[Unexpected Discovery] [Heima], Daegu 

[New Thinking Art], [Namu Art], Daegu
[Two-person exhibition-Magic Girls: Island Girls] [DGB Gallery], Daegu
[A place where space stays] [Space Mutae], Daegu
[Three Person Exhibition] [La Pomme Museum], Cheongju
[2021 HADA Project Part.2] [Busan Student Culture and Arts Center],Busan
[Each's View], [The ARC Gallery], Daegu


[Ending Dream], [Gallery ilho], Seoul

[‘artflex]’ [BT Gallery], Seoul 
[Art Talk ‘Knocking the Future]’, [Arko Art Museum], Online Exhibition, Seoul 
[Gold Can Art Plan] Organized by: Day Factory [Seogung Gallery & Cafe], Seoul 
[Double Exhibition without Spectators], [Gallery WizArts], Daegu 
[Autumn Contemplation], [Gallery WizArts], Daegu 
[Like a dream], [Gallery No. 1], Seoul

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