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Knitted Kitchen

Highlight of the Month - Mitsuho Tsuri

2021.07.06 - 2021.08.01

In July, Touch Gallery will bring you the solo exhibition “Knitted Kitchen - Mitsuho Tsuri Solo Exhibition" by the famous Japanese ceramist Mitsuho Tsuri. Even though time flies and things change rapidly, kitchen is still an indispensable corner of our life.  Tsuri utilises daily utensils such as household detergents, seasoning containers, Campbell soup cans, and biscuit slices as inspiration of the exhibits this time. She explores the infinite possibilities of modern ceramic art from a new perspective, manifests a woven-like distinctive expression, with elements of pop art, to transform the concept of normal kitchen into an interesting art kitchen.


As a rising star that has attracted numerous attention internationally, Tsuri creates ceramic artworks in reference to the history and observation of the present. Not only patterns from the Jomon period, but also current industrial products have become her source of inspiration. Humans have been weaving and making ceramics since ancient times, and her artworks combine the two deep-rooted craftsmanships. In addition to trace track of human development, her artworks also present refreshing colours and modern forms, linking the past and the present. After depriving the original practical usage of the container, her artworks deliberately imitate the image of mass-produced disposable industrial products with vivid colours, she subverts the stereotype of of a container, and invokes reflection on the changes in times of the relationship between human life and utensils and even handicrafts.


In this exhibition, she uses techniques of coiling to “weave” the clay sticks into unique ceramic artworks, and also refers to the traditional crafting method of Kintaro Candy, she cut the cylindrical clay into even slices, and each part shows the same face, so as to express the irony of the cookie-cutter persona as Pop Art, and reflect contemporary popular culture. Her creation transcends the barriers of time, space and culture, by combining the common history and ageless symbols of mankind, her artworks embody the current time and will lead the future generations to understand our times. We sincerely invite everyone to explore the dreamy and harmonious artistic world of Mitsuho Tsuri, to reexamine the past and focus on the present, reorganize your thoughts, heal your soul in the bright colours, and passionately welcome the future.

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