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ARTISTS / Koichi Miyagawa


1978  Born in Suita City, Osaka

2001  Studies under a Bizen ware artist

2003  Selected for the Shinbi Kogeikai Exhibition (selected 1 more time)

2004  Graduated from Kyoto Ceramics Professional School
           Works as a turner for tea bowls in Kyoto

2007  Establishes a kiln in Suita City, Osaka

2009  Selected for the first time for the 38th Kinki Traditional Kōgei Exhibition (selected 6 times from this year onward)

2021   Selected for the 9th Tobiten

           Solo exhibition at Keio Department Store, group exhibitions in various places, takes part in special exhibitions


2013  Received the Gold award at the 59th Suita City Exhibition

2021  Received the Japan Kogei Association Kinki Branch Ceramics Department Award

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