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Highlight of the Month - Szelit Cheung

2022.03.09 - 2022.04.03

'Void is full, full is void.'

Void is a concept, a kind of metaphysics, and it can also be a kind of aesthetics.

There are small changes between the voids, not only the invisible state. The artwork presents the void in the space through simple structure, lines, light and shadow.

Let’s join us on a journey of discovery in the void and solid.

Artist Statement

In recent years, my art creations have focused on different kinds of spaces, such as blank positions or neglected corners. Whenever I look at these spaces, it unexpectedly brings me into a state of contemplation. Why does space create such a wonderful imagination? What exactly is emptiness? How to present emptiness? How to feel emptiness?


Kenya Hara mentioned in the book 'Shiro' that 'emptiness is part of the communication process, because our brains fill in what is missing. In other words, communication and ideas are born out of emptiness'. In Buddhism, it is believed that everything comes from emptiness (Śūnyatā). Emptiness is not a concept, but an understanding from experience. Both show that emptiness does not mean nothing, the former is the source of the imagination, and the latter is the understanding gained after experience. For me, emptiness is a transitional state between the time of viewing emptiness and the creation of imagination and feeling.

About Szelit Cheung


2012 - 2010  Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), RMIT University


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022    ‘Void’, Touch Gallery, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong
2021    ‘Space’, Rossi & Rossi Gallery, Hong Kong

            ‘Shimmer’, Touch Gallery, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

2020    ‘ , ’ , Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong

2017    ‘Substance, Delicate, Something in Between’, Yiri Arts, Taiwan

2015    ‘Stand II’, am space, Hong Kong

2014    ‘Here or not here’, The A.lift Gallery, Hong Kong

2012    ‘Stand’, The A.lift Gallery, Hong Kong


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022    ‘New Space Inaugural Exhibition’,  Rossi & Rossi Gallery, Hong Kong

2021    ‘Space and Memory’, Whitestone Gallery, Hong Kong

            ‘Artistry Memory’, Presented by Tang Contemporary Art, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

            ‘Sushi - A World in a Grain of Sand’, Tokyo Gallery+BTAP, Tokyo, Japan

            ‘Shining Moment’, Tang Art Fundation, Hong Kong

2020    ‘XX - Hong Kong Art School 20th Anniversary  Exhibition’, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong

2019    ‘Architectural Representation in Chinese Contemporary Art’, One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid, Miami, America

            ‘Charming Tastes and Fragrance: Literature and Visual Arts Exhibition ( Extension )’, Gallery of JCCAC, Hong Kong

            ‘Within a Mile’, PRÉCÉDÉE, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

2018    ‘Charming Tastes and Fragrance: Literature and Visual Arts Exhibition, Pao Gallerise, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong

            ‘16.52 Sqm Open Sea’, Galerie Ora-Ora, H Queen's, Hong Kong

2017    ‘Deep Silence’, Pao Gallerise, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong

            ‘Has-been-there’, Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong  SOHO, Hong Kong

2016    ‘Szelit Cheung, Hilarie Hon, Ashlee Ip, Him Lo’,  Gallery Exit, Hong Kong

            ‘Hong Kong Perspective’, am space, Hong Kong

2015    ‘Critical Point’, Crane Gallery, Taiwan

            ‘All Day Breakfast’, ACO, Hong Kong



2017    Nomination : Sovereign Asian Art Prize

2015    Nomination : Hong Kong Arts Development Awards - Award for Young Artist

2009   Best Artwork Award (Painting) of Higher Diploma in Fine Art

2008    Hong Kong Art School Scholarship

2007    Best Graduation Work of Foundation Diploma in Visual Art

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