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ARTISTS / Kosuke Ikeda

池田孝友 Kosuke lkeda

Born in 1979 Self-taught

2004 First solo exhibition in Kyoto

Recent major exhibitions

2020. QQQQ (gekilin./ Osaka)    

2019. NEKI (gekilin./ Osaka)

      IKEDA's Old works, unreleased works exhibition (gekilin./ Osaka)

2018. 39  (gekilin./ Osaka)

2017. sharpness  (Linlow / Osaka)

2016 「Gallery Select」(中和ギャラリー/東京)

      Royal Straight Flush(Linlow / Osaka)

2015. This Month IKEDA(Links gallery / Osaka)


My theme as an artist is "change".

Various things will change, but so will my theme.

The theme is to change, that is, the theme is indefinite.

Newly created works due to the fluid theme

It will always be a new thing that cannot be foreseen.

The record of the change is published every month in "Ikeda of the Month".

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