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ARTISTS / Kumiko Yada


Born in Kumamoto

graduated Kyoto City University of Arts

works as a lecturer in the graphic design department of a design college

2008 Moved to Arita

         Studied porcelain at Saga Prefectural Arita Ceramics College

2016 Opened own gallery and started making porcelain



2016 Kyushu Ceramic Museum, Shibuya Hikarie

2017 Ginza Mitsukoshi , Shibuya Hikarie

2018 Ginza Mitsukoshi, TENOHA Daikanyama, Kyoto Keibunsha,

         Shibuya Hikarie, oyatsu Tea Gallery

2019 oyatsuTea gallery

2020 Kyushu Ceramic Museum, Ginza Mitsukoshi , oyatsu Tea Gallery


Selected Awards

Graduation Exhibition Grand Prize

18th Tokyo Dome Tableware Awards

113th Arita International Ceramics Exhibition

Hagi Museum Grand Prize Exhibition IV

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