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CHAN Yuk Keung Kurt

Prof. Kurt, Chan Yuk Keung was graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He then obtained his M.F.A. from the Cranbrook Academy of Art , Michigan, U.S.A. Professor Chan joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1989, teaching studio courses and supervising M.F.A. students. He has retired since 2016. He is now working as the deputy director of Hong Kong Art School.

He has participated over 80 exhibitions, the important ones are being ‘the 51st Venice Biennale’, ‘the 2nd Asia Pacific Triennale’ in Australia, ‘Art for Expo 2000’ at Hannover, Germany; ‘Contemporary Chinese Art’ at Watarium in Tokyo… he has also had his solo exhibition co-organized by Para/Site and Hong Kong Art Center in 2003… his works were collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art, HK Heritage Museum of Art, and private collectors.



1988 Master of Fine Arts in Painting 

Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan


1983 Bachelor of Arts

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Selected Solo Exhibition

2020 "Fa-mular", presented by Touch Gallery

2017 “Why Not Start Again-Solo Exhibition by Chan Yuk Keung”, presented by Giant Year Gallery

2008 “Refabricating City: Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale Festival of Urbanism/ Architecture” (Group exhibition) organized by Hong Kong Institute of Architecture, Hong Kong Institute of Planners and Hong Kong Design Association


2007 “Quiet Listen/ Speak Slow - Solo Exhibition by Chan Yuk Keung” (Solo exhibition), presented by Too Art Gallery at Hong Kong Arts Centre, organized.  Hong Kong


2003 "QK- New Works by Chan Yuk Keung" (solo exhibition), presented by Hong Kong Arts Centre and Para/Site, organized by Hong Kong Arts Centre. Hong Kong SAR


Selected Group Exhibition

2005 “Hollow City Inverted”, the 51st Venice Biennale, Italy. Hong Kong SAR: Hong Kong Arts Development Council


2000 “Art for Expo 2000” at Hannover, German, supported by N/LB Bank

2000 “Art+01 - A Digital Exploration” (Group exhibition), presented at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, organized by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.  Hong Kong


1997 “Contemporary Art of China” (Joint), at Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan (Organized by Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, 11.1997).

1996 “The Second Asia Pacific of Contemporary Art Triennial” (Joint), at Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia (Organized by Queensland Art Gallery, 11. 1996). 


1996 “Fusion: Hong Kong / New Zealand Artist Exchange” (Joint), at Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand, Australia (Organized by Auckland Art Gallery, 3.1996).


Collected Museum

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong Heritage Museum