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ARTISTS /   Li Ia-Wen

Artworks exhibited at TOUCH Ceramics:

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Li Ya-Wen does not enjoy the process of throwing and repairing pottery. She chooses to present her works in their most original form, shaping them by hand with a solid and continuous process. Therefore, her works mainly focus on practical ceramics. The containers she personally molds appear lightweight in appearance but have a thick and delicate texture when touched. In terms of theme selection, she often incorporates elements from nature, transforming the textures of plants into impressed patterns on cups and plates. The color presentation contrasts blue pigment against the white background of the clay body. Through unintentional variations, she preserves the traces of handcrafting on the surfaces of her works. Each piece is naturally formed, showcasing a unique vitality.

2000 - Taiwan Fugui Pottery Garden "Tea Fragrance" Ceramic Joint Exhibition
2004 - Taiwan Tao Peng She 30th Anniversary Ceramic Special Exhibition
2004 - Taiwan Fugui Pottery Garden Ceramic Sculpture Group Exhibition
2005 - Taiwan Fugui Pottery Garden Flower Vessel Ceramic Joint Exhibition
2006 - Taiwan Takashimaya Dual Exhibition of Ceramic Art
2014 - Taiwan Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Ceramic Art Three-Person Exhibition
2014 - Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Museum "Extraordinary Vessels - Container. Art. Cross-Boundary"
Taiwan Caoshanxingguan "Calm and Serene Vessels" Solo Exhibition
2015 - Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Museum "Imagined Blue and White Porcelain - Impacts of the New Century"
2015 - South Korea Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum "Natural Sympathy - Korea/Japan/Taiwan"
2016 - Taiwan Yunqing Art Center "Between Two Attires" Ceramic Four-Person Exhibition
2016 - Taiwan National Taipei University of Technology Arts and Culture Center "Clay Structure, Glaze Traces" Creative Joint Exhibition
2017 - Taiwan Yunqing Art Center "Small House Objects" Solo Exhibition
Taiwan Ruoyun Tea and Book Academy "Li Ya-Wen's Ceramic Art" Solo Exhibition
2018 - Shanghai "Gently" Solo Exhibition
Shenzhen "Clear Sky in the West, Occasional Rain in the East" Solo Exhibition

2004 - Selected for the 2nd Taiwan Ceramic Golden Awards
2005 - Selected for the 4th Taipei Ceramic Awards
2006 - Taiwan Ceramic Golden Awards: Set Category Bronze Award, Individual Category Selected
2008 - Taiwan Ceramic Golden Awards Bronze Award
2012 - Selected for the 6th Taiwan Ceramic Golden Awards
2014 - Selected for the 2014 Yilan Art Exhibition
2015 - 2nd New Taipei City Ceramic Awards: Practical Category Bronze Award

2013 - Artist Magazine Interview (Issue 457) / Tranquil Swaying in the Breeze - The Container Aesthetics of Female Ceramic Artist Li Ya-Wen

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