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ARTISTS / Maimi Tsurubayashi

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Maimi Tsurubayashi is a highly skilled artist known for her expertise in various mediums. With a background in Kurokabe Corporation and as a Technical Trainee at Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, she has refined her craftsmanship and developed a deep appreciation for artistry.


Specialising in glass art, Maimi's intricate creations demonstrate her mastery of the craft and her ability to infuse her unique artistic vision into delicate materials. Her training at "CRISTALLERIE ROYALE DE CHAMPAGNE" in France further enriched her skills and perspective.


Since 2018, Maimi has been producing incredible artworks in her own atelier. Her harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics has earned her recognition, including awards from the Kanazawa City Craft Exhibition and Tokyo Dome Tableware Award, among others.

2003  Worked in Kurokabe corporation

2008  Technical Trainee at Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, Kanazawa Art Creation Foundation

2012  Glass Specialist at Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, Kanazawa Art Creation Foundation

2014  Joined overseas training program “CRISTALLERIE ROYALE DE CHAMPAGNE” in France

2018  Started production in her atelier6

2018  Kanazawa City Craft Exhibition / Kanazawa Mayor Encouragement Award

2017  Tokyo Dome Tableware Award, Original Design Category / Grand Prize・Tokyo Governor Award

2015  World Craft Competition Kanazawa 2015 ~ Time and Space for Tea~ / Technique Award

2010  Kanazawa Art Creation Foundation Utatsuyama Crafts Studio Trainee Works Exhibition / Utatsuyama Crafts Studio Award                      Craft City Takaoka Craft Exhibition / Encouragement Award

2009 Tokyo Dome Tableware Award Original Design Category / Honorable Mention           

          Craft City Takaoka Craft Exhibition / Consumer Award


2024 "Thousand Faces: Sakewares Exhibition III", TOUCH Ceramics HK

2021  Kanazawa kogei Walk/Hankyu Umeda/Osaka
          Sake Exhibitions/Ginza Kanazawa
          Blooming charm of the materials;Signs of Spring/ART FRONT GALLERY

2020  Ishikawa,Kaga,Noto,for Exhibitions/Hankyu Hakata/fukuoka
           YumaTakahashi ,MaimiTsurubayashi Exhibitions/Space Ohara/Gifu
           Bowls for Sake and tea/Gallery Tachibana/Nara
           Vase Exhibitions/Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store
           Sake cup Exhibitions/Gallery Hiro/Osaka

2019  Solo exhibition / atelier & gallery creava (Ishikawa)
          Solo exhibition / Sabo Misho (Ishikawa)
          “Wan” Exhibition / atelier & gallery creava (Ishikawa)
          “Crafts x Fashion x Kanazawa” / Hanshin Umeda Main Store Art Gallery (Osaka)
          “Bowls for Sake and Tea in Summer “ / Gallery Tachibana (Nara)
          “Unusual thing vol.2’’ / Isetan Shinjuku (Tokyo)
          “Summer bowls” Exhibition / Nihonbashi Takashimaya Shopping Center Arts and Crafts Salon (Tokyo)
          “Unusual Things II’’ / Shinjuku Isetan Art Gallery (Tokyo)
          “Glass to be fascinated” / Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (Tokyo)
           Kanazawa 21st Century Kogei Festival “Kogei Kairo(Craft Corridor)” / Syami (Ishikawa)
          “material box’’ / atelier & gallery creava (Ishikawa)
          “Contemporary Glass Crafts by 7 People” Exhibition / Gallery-AMISU (Shiga)
          “ KOGEI quintet, beyond the function, beyond the beauty” / Ginza no Kanazawa (Tokyo)
          “Light-by-light’’ / Fu-Guei Art & Culture (Taiwan)
          “Sake cup” Exhibition / Gallery Hiro (Osaka)


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