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ARTISTS / Mak Ka Yan

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Mak Ka Yan is definitely a name to pay attention to, she explores human relationship and the linkage between human and the city in her works. Mak often begins from scenes from her daily life, injecting imaginative fantasies to resolve her self-imposed restrictions in life, depicting her dreams and fantasies – sweet and brutal; happy and sad; tender and playful –all personal, brave and honest. Her works are multidisciplinary and include painting, sculpture, videography, and performance.


Mak recently obtained her BAFA from RMIT University and Hong Kong Arts School and honoured with TOUCH Gallery award in 2022.


2021   Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), RMIT University

2017   Higher Diploma of Visual Communication, Hong Kong Design Institute



2023 - New Page, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

2022   Inverse, Hong Kong Arts Centre

           (BAFA Graduation Exhibition, Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University)

2019   2M02, Form Society

2004   Environmental Art, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden



2022   School of Art Dean’s List, RMIT University

2022   Touch Gallery Award

2022   Boon Lee Award

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