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ARTISTS /  Miki Kato

Artworks exhibited at TOUCH Ceramics:

加藤美樹 Miki Kato.jpg

Born in 1980, Hyogo, Japan

Currently produces original works in Kyoto. 

2006 Kyoto Potter Vocational High School
2001 Kyoto Saga Junior College of Arts 

2018 Donated works to the MIC Faenza international Museum of Ceramics
2017 “Miki Kato Ceramic Exhibition” (Shinjuku ISETAN WEST PARK)
2015 “Miki Kato Ceramic Exhibition” (Kyoto Takashimaya Art Saloon ,17,20)
2011 Solo Exhibition (Matsuya Ginza Art Spot)
2010 “Miki Kato Ceramic Exhibition”(Daimaru, Kyoto)
2008 “Miki Kato Ceramic Exhibition”(Sophora 09,10,13,15,17)
2007 Kyoto Kogei Biennale

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