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ARTISTS / Mio Heki 日置美緒


Mio Heki is an artist who graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts. After working in studios involved in the restoration of national treasures, important cultural properties, historical buildings, Buddhist statues, and antique art, she embarked on her own independent creative journey. She engages in jewelry making, designing lacquer decorations for dancers, and pursuing original artistic creations. She has collaborated with renowned international artists on stage productions. 


She has held multiple exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Since 2015, she has been conducting workshops on Kintsugi and lacquer in major cities worldwide, including Paris, Amsterdam, Maastricht, and Madrid. She has been featured in various media outlets and magazines such as "Hanatsubaki," "Figaro Japon," NHK WORLD, and more. She has also published the book "Kintsugi in the cycle of nature - a meditation on Japanese lacquer arts".


In Kyoto, she runs the "Atelier hifumi" studio, focusing on the theme of "Transcending Traditional Beauty." She creates tea utensils, conducts Kintsugi repairs on ceramics, engages in lacquer decoration, and designs jewelry. She accepts Kintsugi repair commissions from clients around the world.


Education and Working experience


2010 Kyoto Citiy Univercity of Arts, Kyoto,Japan (Major: arts and crafts, japanning-decoration art)

2010 Sawanodougen Ltd,Kyoto,Japan(restorer; japaning,painting)

2016 Atelier hifumi/ Mio Heki


Exhibition/ Ornament/ stage arts

2024   The Beauty of Brokenness, TOUCH Ceramics HK 

2022 「『Japanese Traditional Crafts』にっぽんのサスティナブル」Exhibition at ハービスPLAZA ENT, Osaka Japan

2022  「朔あるいは、金環日食 The first day - It forms a ring」Mio Heki Solo Exhibition

at NEUTRAL, Kyoto Japan

2020   「Savoir-faire des Takumi」 Exhibition  at Ateliers de Paris, Paris France 

                                      at Collect / Somerset House, London UK   

                                                                   at日本橋髙島屋S.C.本館,Tokyo Japan

2019   「MONO JAPAN」 Exhibition in Amsterdam

2018   「Bird of Paradise」Stage art at Atelier Mekaru-base, Naha Japan

2018 「BOMBSHELL-bombástica-」Stage art at Institut français du Japon – Kansai, Kyoto Japan

2017 「Bird of Paradise」Stage art at アトリエ劇研・ Kyoto, Japan

2017 「Into Materials」 Jewelry exhibition at JCE, Amsterdam

2017 「BOMBSHELL-bombástica-」Stage art at FORUM KYOTO, Kyoto Japan

2016   「Tools for Kintsugi」Exhibition at Hae, Maastricht Netherlands

2013 「SMALL ART FOR BIG NATURE 」 Exhibition at Halo Galo, Kyoto Japan, Organized by Walderedo De Oliveira

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