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New Moon Rising: A Contemporary Tale

2023.08.03 - 2023.08.26

Exhibition Statement


With simple shapes and clear white colour, the Moon Jar exudes a complex, delicate, and mysterious beauty. Originating from the late period of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea, the Moon Jar is pure and flawless, low-key yet beautiful, reflecting the unique essence of introversion, simplicity, and Eastern aesthetics. Contemporary artists have explored the Moon Jar and given it new colours and emotions, breaking through tradition and showing the changes and fluctuations of contemporary art.

Amidst the sweltering heat of August, Touch Ceramics presents "New Moon Rising: A Contemporary Tale", a delightful showcase of artworks by Korean, Japanese, British, and local artists, each having delved into the enigmatic beauty of the Moon Jar. Ho Jung Kim, the gifted Korean artist, weaves a tapestry of blue and white in an exploration of the profound and unfathomable depths of ceramics. Japanese artist Mika Sato's delicate, translucent Neriage porcelain works exude a lightness and practicality that capture the very essence of nature. Kazunori Ohnaka's Wabi-Sabi style pottery reflects the timeless essence of life and the fleeting passage of time. Steven Edwards, the intrepid artist, is captivated by the creative process, using the materiality and physicality of clay to explore the narrative coherence of art. Gyu Kim, the gifted, skillfully ceramic artist blends wood and Moon Jar to create works that appear to have grown organically from the heart of nature.

Local artists Kurt Chan and Lau Kam Hung have created a series of calligraphy, landscape sketches, and other works centred around Eastern philosophical ideas, bringing different dimensions to the essence of the Moon Jar. Meanwhile, Chan Sim and Vaan Ip's installation art specially created for this exhibition draws inspiration from the shape and meaning of the Moon Jar, enhancing interaction and connection with the audience, adding a distinct element of intrigue and fascination to the exhibition.

Art practices nowadays inspired by the Moon Jar pays homage to tradition while exuding a powerful and tranquil presence on the contemporary art stage. The artists' masterful craftsmanship seamlessly blends the old and new, instilling each work with vitality and spirituality. Their creations showcase the boundless possibilities of merging traditional ceramic forms with contemporary art, offering a fresh narrative space. These works not only pay tribute to the Moon Jar but also explore and present cultural heritage and innovation. Touch Ceramics sincerely invites you to join us in experiencing "New Moon Rising: A Contemporary Tale", an exhibition inspired by the concept of Moon Jar. Witness the new, contemporary beauty of the Moon Jar at the intersection of tradition and modernity, and marvel at the "New Moon" reshaped by the creative and innovative spirit of contemporary ceramic art.

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