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Perhaps Words - Bone, Skin and Dust

Highlight of the Month - Kurt Chan

2021.11.03 - 2021.11.28

“I always think about if Wang Xizhi could read English, used pen and keyboard, and had known about abstract expressionism; how would he practice his calligraphy.” - Kurt Chan 

Kurt Chan learned Chinese calligraphy at his early age and became acquainted with Western contemporary art when he studied in the university. After retirement, he returned to calligraphy. The collision of the diverged experiences of Eastern and Western cultures endowed him a unique approach in art making.

He believes that calligraphy is the most fundamental, direct form of art, which embraces the act of writing and formation of architecture. 

The act of writing floats along with mood and rhythm at one go, which cannot be repeated; while architecture, is the essential of the composition of from single word, to lines and paragraphs.

The speed of writing and characteristics of ink reject too much thinking, the artist needs to embrace and negotiate with accidents during the creation process.

Kurt Chan revisits his past and the traditions of calligraphy from the vantage point of contemporary art. The exhibition is a revelation of his open imagination as well as attachment of  “inkscapes” in our cultural heritage.

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