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【道內唯一 尾形香三夫】


2022年7月,尾形香三夫因癌細胞擴散與世長辭,終年73歲。翌年7月Touch Gallery舉辦了「尾形香三夫回顧展:道內唯一」並出版此書,以紀念這位殿堂級陶藝家和他一生的藝術成就。




  • 本書介紹了尾形大師的生平、思想,由妻子尾形美幸Ogata Miyuki親筆書述陪伴丈夫走上陶藝之路的辛酸、情義與啟發

  • 68頁全彩印刷,超過20件代表作品寫真、獨家收錄創作照片及年表

  • Touch Ceramics and Gallery創辦人王森先生策劃撰序、著名建築師、收藏家及藝術家林偉而先生、日本藝術專家及代理人Joan B. Mirviss撰寫對於尾形大師感想

  • 中英雙語編寫,值得收藏






【The Legend of Neriage - Ogata Kamio】

In July of 2022, Ogata Kamio sadly passed away at the age of 73 due to the spread of cancer. Following his passing, in July of the subsequent year, Touch Gallery organised an event titled "Ogata Kamio: The Legend of Neriage" and published a book to commemorate the life and artistic accomplishments of this renowned ceramicist.


Ogata Kamio, originally from Hokkaido, discovered his passion for pottery in his late twenties and embarked on a journey of self-learning. Despite not having any formal training, he broke free from traditional constraints and developed his own distinctive Neriage style. Today, his works are treasured and displayed in prestigious art museums worldwide.


This book serves as a tribute to Master Ogata, shedding light on his life and philosophies. Ogata Miyuki, his wife, personally shares her experiences of love, challenges, and the inspiration she gained from accompanying her husband on his ceramic journey. The book features 68 pages of full-colour printing, showcasing over 20 photographs of his representative works, as well as an exclusive collection of photos and a chronology.


The book is curated by Mr. Enders Wong, the founder of Touch Ceramics and Gallery, who also contributes a foreword. Additionally, renowned architect, collector, and artist Mr. William Lim, along with Japanese art expert and agent Joan B. Mirviss, share their thoughts on Master Ogata. The book is bilingual, presented in both Chinese and English, making it a valuable addition to any collection.


If you are interested in purchasing the book, please place an order on this page. After receiving your order, Touch will contact you to arrange either in-store pickup or shipping.


【道內唯一 尾形香三夫 The Legend of Neriage - Ogata Kamio】

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