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ARTISTS / Rieko Kawabata


Rieko Kawabata (b. 1982) was born in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan. She graduated from the Kutaniyaki Technical Training Institute in Ishikawa in 2013 and studied under the tutelage of Kutaniyaki Aka-e Master Buzan Fukushima.


In this exhibition, Kawabata uses the traditional technique of "aka-e saibyō" in Kutaniyaki to create delicate lines and intricate patterns on small vessels, infusing them with vitality. During the preparation for this exhibition, Kawabata was filled with anticipation and excitement, knowing that her works could cross borders and bring joy to people far away. She hopes that her pieces will resonate with the audience and become a part of their lives. Kawabata's creative spirit and passion for traditional craftsmanship make her works not only vessels but also artworks that embody culture and emotions.


1982 Born in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan


2013 Graduated from the Kutaniyaki Technical Training Institute in Ishikawa

2013 Studied under the tutelage of Mr. Takeyama in Fukushima

2013 Won the Grand Prix at the IKEYAN Audition

2014 Received the Encouragement Award at the 37th Traditional Kutaniyaki Crafts Exhibition

2018 Received the 42nd Ishikawa Prefecture Traditional Industry Technology Encouragement Award

2023 Dancing Kutani: Blooming and Resonance of Beauty, Touch Ceramics, Hong Kong


Currently based in Aichi, Japan and continues to produce works of art

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