Artworks exhibited at TOUCH Ceramics:

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Rosanna Li is a leading ceramic artist from Hong Kong, and retired Assistant Professor at the School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Born in Hong Kong, Rosanna first studied Ceramics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic, and pursued tertiary education at University of Liverpool. Her works have been exhibited extensively in Asia, Australia, Canada, the U.S.A and Europe. Rosanna’s works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Shiwan Ceramic Museum in Guangdong, and many more museum and institutions in Asia. Rosanna has garnered numerous awards, including the Artist of the Year Award (Visual Arts) at the 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards in 2020, the Artist of the Year Award (Sculpture), the Silver Award in Ceramics of the Guangdong Museum of Art in 2000; and in 2005, she was awarded the Secretary for Home Affairs Commendation Medal, for her contributions to the promotion of the arts and culture in Hong Kong; and the Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Award (Ceramics) in 1985.

Earthy and comical, Rosanna’s plump, amiable, figures are versatile caricatures, portraying the various, vibrant facets of Hong Kong popular culture. The Mahjong figures are caught in earnest play, looking mirthful and at ease, while her yoga sculptures are seated in repose, emitting through their robust, ample frames, a contemplative aura that speaks of the artist’s wit and craftsmanship, relayed through her chubby, amiable creations.



MA in Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, HK


MA in Educational Management, Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, UK


B.Ed. (Hons), University of Liverpool, UK


Higher Certificate in Studio Ceramics, Hong Kong Polytechnic, HK


Diploma in Art Education, University of London Institution of Education, UK





Part-time visiting lecturer, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Assistant Professor, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Selected Solo Exhibitions


‘For Old Time’s Sake – An Exhibition Of Rosanna Li Wei Han’s Ceramic Figurines’, Touch Ceramics, HK


‘Happiness In The Making – An Exhibition Of Works By Rosanna Li Wei Han”, Lee Shau Kee Library, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, HK

‘Love Books, Love Puffs, Love Mobiles – An Exhibition Of Rosanna Li Wei-Han’s Ceramic Figurines’, Grotto Fine Art, HK


‘Toast-To-Go – Ceramics Solo Exhibition Of Rosanna Li’, Giant Year Gallery, HK


‘Soulmate’, YY9 Gallery, HK


‘Coffee Or Tea? Ceramic Works By Rosanna Li Wei-Han’, iPRECIATION Art Gallery, Singapore

‘Men And Women‧This And Less – Works By Li Wei Han, Rosanna’, Singing Waves Gallery, City University of Hong Kong


‘Artists In The Neighbourhood Scheme V: Men And Women.This And

That – Works By Rosanna Li’, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre; Olympian City 2, HK


‘Café Acrobatic – An Exhibition Of Ceramic Works By Rosanna Li Wei-Han’, The Rotunda, Exchange Square, HK


‘Yuanyang Qishui – Han’s Cafe Ceramic Sculptures by Rosanna Li Wei Han’, Grotto Fine Art, HK


‘Men, I Wish I Knew How To Quit You: An Exhibition Of Ceramic Figures By Rosanna Li Wei-Han’, Grotto Fine Art, HK


‘Easy Easy 2002’, The Rotunda, Exchange Square, HK


‘Chop Suey – Li Wei Han, Rosanna’, O Café Gallery, HK


‘Terraces Topography: Yu Lan Festival’, Para Site Art Space, HK


‘The Unbearable Loneliness Of Being‧Ceramic Work By Li Wei Han‘, The Pottery Workshop, HK


‘Muddle Muddles – Hong Kong Artists Series: Li Wei Han’, Hong Kong Museum of Art, HK
‘Li Wei Han – Fat Or Fiction’, iPRECIATION Art Gallery, HK


‘Li Wei Han – Theatre of Clay’, iPRECIATION Art Gallery, HK


Selected Group Exhibitions


‘Of All Things Cute’, Karin Weber Gallery, HK

‘Women’s Touch In Hong Kong – Rosanna Li, Annie Wan, Sara Tse’, Touch Ceramics, HK

‘Uniquely Hong Kong – A Celebration Of Hong Kong Art’, Alisan Fine Arts, HK


‘Beyond’ In ‘Classics Remix – The Hong Kong Viewpoint’, Hong Kong Museum of Art, HK


‘Claylaboration – Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition’, Hong Kong Heritage

Museum, HK


‘Join Fotan – A Date With Fotan: Fotan Masters’ Art Exhibition’, G/F, 1 Sui Wo Road, Fotan, N.T. HK

‘The Paddock III: Posted, From Sydney To New York, To Paris, To Johannesburg, To Hong Kong, And ….’, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), HK

‘Craft Ingenuity. Art Mastery’, 23 Art Space & The Woodshed, Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan, China

‘One More Take – Passing The Torch, In Celebration Of Mr. Chan Ping Tim’s Teaching’, JCCAC L1 Gallery, HK

‘Hong Kong Contemporary Female Artists Exhibition 2018 St. Petersburg Russia’, The Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art of St. Petersburg State University, Russia

‘The 3rd Guangdong Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition’, Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China


‘Reunion’, The Rotunda, Exchange Square, HK

‘Art Interaction • Hong Kong @ Taiwan– Artmatch 22th Annual Exhibition‘, JCCAC, HK

‘2017 Taiwan International Art Exchange Exhibition “Yunlin Art Together”’, Xiluo Cultural Museum, Taiwan

‘Holy Goods’, Johann Jacobs Museum, Switzerland

‘Encounter – Exhibition Of The Contemporary Ceramic Society (HK)’, Hotel Stage, HK


‘Students & Teachers Visual Arts Exhibition: Creative Life – Hong Kong Visual Arts Education Festival 2016’, Hong Kong City Hall, HK

‘The 2016 Sovereign Asian Art Prize Exhibition’, The Rotunda, Exchange Square, HK

‘Hong Kong Cancer Fund Charity Auction Exhibition’, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, HK

‘2016 Taiwan International Art Exchange Exhibition – Yunlin Art Together’, Exhibition Hall, Cultural Affairs Department of Yunlin County Government, Taiwan


‘Art.Express Yourself’, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, HK

‘The Past is Continuing’, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, HK

‘Supermarket of the Dead’, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Museum, Germany

‘10th Anniversary Exhibition – In Conversations With 100 Local Artists’, YY9 Gallery, HK


‘Shin-Chuan – 2014 International Ceramics Exhibition Multi Creativity Ceramic Exhibition – Group Exhibition of Domestic and Foreign Ceramic Artists’, Northern Miaoli Art Centre, Taiwan

‘Hong Kong International Tea Fair’, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, HK

‘The Wind Shifts Dialogues With Hong Kong Artists – Group Exhibition’, chi art space

‘Our World: Now And Then’, Gruenwald Press, US

‘The 28th Asian International Art Exhibition’, Kinmem Culture Park Historical Folk Museum, Taiwan

‘Long Time No See – Victoria’, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, HK

‘Etudes For The Everyday’, Osage Gallery, HK


‘A Date With Chinese Tea’, The Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, HK

‘Art Meet 2013 – An Exhibition Of Artwork’, Artland, HK

‘Hong Kong Graphic Art Fiesta 2013 – Collaborative Printmaking’, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, HK

‘Of Human Conditions Group Exhibition’, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts

Centre, HK

‘Hi 60’s Installation Project’, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, HK

‘Inspire – Hong Kong Contemporary Art Exhibition & Hong Kong Cancer

Fund Charity Auction’, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, HK

‘1+1 Contemporary Ceramic Society (HK) – 20th Anniversary Exhibition’, JCCAC, HK

‘2013 Contemporary Ceramic Art In Asia’, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan; The Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, Japan


Public Art Projects


Triple Happiness – 3 Couples, Lee Tung Avenue, commissioned work


Heaven, Earth and Man – A Hong Kong Art Exhibition: Happy Folks I & II, Art Square at Salisbury Garden; commissioned by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department


Art in MTR – People Passing By, People Lazing By, MTR Yau Tong Station; commissioned by the Hong Kong MTR Corporation


Public Engagement

Expert Museum Adviser (Hong Kong Art), Leisure and Cultural Services Department (present)

Member, Director’s Board, Pottery Workshop Hong Kong Co. Ltd. (present)

Founding member and current Honorary Adviser, Hong Kong Society of Education in Art (HKSEA)

Member, Director’s Board, Open Printshop (2012-2018)

Member, Stamp Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Post (2012-2018)

Member, Art Museum Advisory Panel, Leisure and Cultural Services Department (2010-2016)

Founding member and former Chair-person, Contemporary Ceramic Society (HK)





Artist Of The Year (Visual Arts), Hong Kong Arts Development Council, HK


Finalist, Asian Art Prize, Sovereign Art Foundation, HK


‘Hong Kong Women Of Excellence In The Six Arts’ Award, (Visual Arts – Sculpture/Ceramics), Hong Kong Federation Of Women, HK


Secretary For Home Affairs Commendation Medal (Achievements In the Promotion of Arts And Culture), Home Affairs Bureau, HK


Silver Award in Ceramics, Guangdong Museum of Art, China


Artist Of The Year (Sculpture), Hong Kong Artists’ Guild, HK


Fine Art Award (Ceramics), Hong Kong Urban Council, HK


Artist In Residency


Shigaraki Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan


International Workshop of Ceramics Tokoname, Japan


Selected Collections

Hong Kong Museum of Art, HK

Hong Kong Heritage Museum, HK

Guangdong Museum of Art, China

Shiwan Ceramic Museum, China

Zhejiang Museum of Art, China

New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan