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ARTISTS / Ryoko Tsukurimichi


Fascinated by the modern glass artist Iwao Matsushima and ancient glass, Ryoko Tsukurimich starts her journey of creating glass by using core-formed technique. Her works stand out with their refreshing and sacred vibe integrating with the unique worldview of medieval Europe and the East.



1967   Born in Imizu City,Japan

1989   Graduated from Kanazawa University

1993   Graduated from Toyama City Institute of Glass Art.19

1996   Lecturer of Glass Craft Course at Toyama Civic University

1997   Opened own studio

2017   Part-Time Lecturer of Toyama City Institute of Glass Art



2018   Sakura Pax Award and Hanshin Group Award at Art Fair Toyama

2002   Selected for Itami internationall Craft Exhibition

2001   Glass Craft Triennale 2001 Excellence Award

1996   Selected for Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition

1992   Selected for The International Glass Art Exhibition o’92Kanazawa 


2024   Glamour of Light - Glass Art Group Exhibition (TOUCH Ceramics) [HK]

2023   Collect Exhibition[UK]]

            Exhibition of drinking vessels[Matsumori art/Tokyo]

            Core Glass Exhibition[Level 42 gallery/USA]

2022   Expanding Horizons(International Festival of Glass Exhibition)[UK]

2021   Thirty Years of Toyama Institute of Glass Art Forms for the Future

            [Toyama City Museum of Glass Art/Toyama]

            The World of Lampwork Exhibition[Yuyusya Gallery/Sapporo]

2020   Exhibition of Ceremony Utensis [Utuwaya akane/Kyoto]

2019   Glass X [Gallery Jarona/Tokyo]

            Core glass exhibition by seven artists[Art space kawamoto/Toyama]

             Art Fair Tokyo [Tokyo]

2018    Sake cup exhibition[Utuwaya akane/Kyoto]

             Solo exhibition[Gallery Fukuta/Tokyo]

             Exhibition of Japanese masterpieces[Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi/Tokyo]

             Solo exhibition[Daimaru Shinsaibashi store]

             Exhibition of Tea utensils[Isetan Shinjuku store/Tokyo]

2017    Glass exhibition of Ikuo Hirayama and Silk Rord[Toyama City Museum of Glass]

            Partcipated as a coreglass demonstrator

            Exhibition of flower festival[Isetan Shinjuku store]

            Exhibition of Fragrance bowl[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

            Sakeware exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

2016   Core glass exhibition and ancient glassware exhibition[Gallery NOW/Toyama]

            Exhibition of Fragrance bowl[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

            Sakeware exhibition [Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

            Solo exhibition[Gallery Tanaka/Tokyo]

2015    Two person exhibition[Matuzakaya/Nagoya]

            Solo exhibition[Gallery Kinowa/Nara]

            Core glass exhibition by six artist[Art space Kawamoto/Toyama]

2014    Solo exhibition[Gallery Tanaka/Tokyo]

            Exhibited at the 4th Japan-China-Korea Art Exhibition

            Glass Technique Exhibition[Toyama High School/Toyama]

            Perfume bottle exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

2013    Three-person exhibition[Daimaru Shinsaibashi store/Osaka]

            Solo Exhibition[Gallery NOW/Toyama]

            Perfume bottle exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

2012    Two-person exhibition[Kobe lampwork glass museum/Kobe]

            Solo exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

2011    Solo exhibition[Gallery NOW/Toyama]

            Perfume bottle exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

2010    Two-person exhibition[Art space kawamoto/Toyama]

            Group exhibition[Gallery Tanaka/Tokyo]

2009    Tree-person exhibition[Daimaru Kyoto store/Kyoto]

2008    Solo exhibition[Gallery NOW/Toyama]

             Two-person exhibition[Daimaru Shinsaibashi store/Osaka]

2007    Group exhibition[Gallery Tanaka/Tokyo]

2006    Two-person exhibition[Gallery Furushima/Chiba]

             Perfume bottle exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

2005    Solo exhibition[Gallery Tanaka/Tokyo]

             Coreglass and mosaic exhibition[Gallery Tanaka/Tokyo]

             Solo exhibition[Gallery Yui/Toyama]

             Perfume bottle exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

2004    Art Gallery in Fuchu,Yasuda Castle site[Toyama]

             Perfume bottle exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu]

2001    Perfume bottle exhibition[Glass gallery Karanisu/Tokyo]

            Japanese Studio Glass,[Himeji Art Museum /Hyogo]

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