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Shangri-La - Virginia Lo

2022.09.07 - 2022.10.01

Exhibition Statement

Local artist Virginia Lo loves things with historical traces. Through this exhibition, she intentionally injects a mysterious and whimsical existence into her paintings of virtual and ecological scenes in the Hong Kong Museum of History. Taking the audience on a journey to discover a bizarre and harmonious landscape.

The artist repeatedly scrapes and paints on the canvas with a palette knife and brush. Exploring the clearness and blurriness by stacking and layering of paints. She processes the scene to create a bleak and hazy combination of the unique colour with light and shadow. The works of sensibility lead everyone into her fantasy world and experience unexpected emotions of fun.

History is an eternal dialogue between the past and the present. How did human beings evolve in the entire past experience of our lives? How can we use limited data to reconstruct history as time passes? How should you handle yourself in the "present"? This exhibition presents the interchange and interlacing of the real and the fictional, whether it is the interlaced time and space or the reorganised memory, all of which belong to this land.

We sincerely invite everyone to start a journey of memory and exploration, to roam in this unknown realm of imagination in Touch Gallery this September.

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