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Super Neriage - Ogata Kamio Solo Exhibition

2021.03.09 - 2021.04.10

Touch Ceramics is honored to present the Japanese neriage ceramic art master, Ogata Kamio’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, to demonstrate his remarkable artistic world. 


At the age of 72, Ogata has devoted his life to the study and enhancement of his skills for neriage. With numerous attempts, he skillfully put different coloured clays together, and creates astonishingly beautiful artworks. He coordinates the themes of “motion” and “modernity”, with illusional patterns and carvings, to create works that are both dynamic and static, or illusional and real. Creation for him is not merely the artistic presentation, but also the mental reflection of modern people.


Aside from Ogata’s high concentration and sophisticated techniques, his success is also due to his challenging spirit to boldly innovate. His works have been showcased in various countries, and collected by museums all over the world. This exhibition features early works of Ogata, such as “The Cloud Castle” and “Hado”, as well as the new challenging sculpture “The Flying Boat in Space”, to witness his creative trajectory, and surprise viewers with his excellent techniques and arts, so as to bring a visual feast to everyone. 

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