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ARTISTS / 武田享恵 Takeda Takae


1992 Graduated from Hokkaido University of Education, Sapporo School, Special Art Department

1994 Research Graduate at Hokkaido University of Education, Sapporo Campus, Metal Crafts Laboratory


Solo exhibition

2019 Forging [Gallery Kurimoto/Niigata]

2014 Tin [Gallery So/Sapporo]

2011 TANKIN [Gallery Suki/Aichi]

Solo exhibition “A chair where vision and consciousness intersect” [Rakusuitei Museum of Art, Kura/Toyama]

2010 Intersection of Vision and Consciousness (Entrance Art Exhibition) [STV Kita 2-jo Building/Sapporo]

2009 Intersection of vision and consciousness [Gallery So/Sapporo]


Group exhibition

2023 Duo exhibition [Isaya/Ishikawa]

2019 Reborn Tradition/Ise Collection/Modern Japanese Crafts Exhibition [University of Hong Kong Museum of Fine Arts/Hong Kong]

2017 PUNK Relief for the Spirit of Crafts [Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum / Ibaraki]

2016 PUNK Relief for the Spirit of Crafts [Rakusuitei Art Museum / Toyama]

2013 NOMO Exhibition [Zuidama Gallery/Tokyo]

2012 Two-person exhibition [Gallery Tomorrow / Ehime]


2010 Trial Tea Ceremony Sapporo EZO Tea Ceremony [Higashi Honganji Sapporo Annex and others / Sapporo]

2009 "My Chairs" - Chair exhibition by 16 creators [Gallery So/Sapporo]

2003 Hokkaido 3D Expression Exhibition '03 ('06'08'10) [Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art/Sapporo]



Rakusuitei Art Museum

River Retreat Garaku

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi

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