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The Flow, Lee Jong Min

Lee Jong Min Solo Exhibition + TOUCH GALLERY Opening Exhibition

2022.11.17 - 2023.12.31

Exhibition Statement


Korean ceramic artist Lee Jong-min engraves the scenery on porcelain in his studio, located in the forest that’s far away from the hustle. With his divine skills, he records the texture of nature attentively on the ceramic piece by piece, day after day.

Through years of observation, his consciousness, hand movements, and even the strands of his hair followed the rhythm of nature and swam in the light with the wind. 

Through carving, ceramics become a figurative carrier. It carries the most primitive and comforting elements. It turns into a breeze, warm sun, tree shadows, and water waves. It is the most poetic combination of natural ceramics.


A vessel that could not contain, a hole that could not breathe, a colour that isn’t a colour, that is the awakening consciousness projected on Lee Jong Min’s artwork. Lee’s artworks not only reflect the extremes of craftsmanship, but also passed beyond the essence of containers and ceramics, revealing the deepest spirit within himself. It will be easily forgotten that the work was created by someone, but only focus on how natural the interaction between ceramic and the sun is when the sun shines on the work. Perhaps it is still a container, but it carries the sun, the moon, the time, and the scene. As if it naturally pecks on itself, under the tints of light that happened coincidentally. 


Celebrating the fourth anniversary of TOUCH's establishment and the opening of our third art space. We would like to thank you all for being with us along the way for our major milestones, your company and support have made countless artistic dreams come true. The establishment of the third space is a continuation and a new start. 

At this special moment, TOUCH will create a new chapter together with ceramic artist Lee Jong Min - This is our first exhibition in the new space and Lee’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. We would like to articulate our vision and commitment to the future of TOUCH together with Lee’s constant efforts in his delicate works. We sincerely invite everyone to step into the silence of time and space, walk among and explore the enchantress of Lee’s porcelain works.

About Lee Jong Min


Lee Jong Min (b.1982) is a ceramic artist based in An-Seung, South Korea. He obtained his BA degree in Chung-Ang University Art and Crafts, South Korea, and membership of International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) since 2021.


To express his adoration of mother nature, Lee devotes his mind and time on traditional ceramic methods to develop his own craftsmanship and concepts, sculpting his work into meticulous shapes and minute details by impeccable concentration and perseverance. As a ceramic auteur, his works are of many International Museum collections, including National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art South Korea, MK&G Museum Germany, and Changchun International Ceramic Gallery China. 

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