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The White Road

2023.05.09 - 2023.06.03

Exhibition Statement


"White as gelatine, plain as snow." White porcelain displays a delicate and graceful hue, with its exquisite and transparent quality reminiscent of pure jade, while its flawless surface resembles a perfect gemstone in every detail. Touch Ceramics has invited several talented white porcelain artists from Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea to unveil the mysteries of the art world of "The White Road" and explore the aesthetics of light in white porcelain with the audience.


This exhibition aims to showcase the various dimensions of white porcelain, as artistic techniques from different creative generations and cultural backgrounds converse with one another. The works of Takafumi Aoki and Naoki Kato use delicate and fragile forms to highlight the ultimate beauty of white porcelain itself, creating a sense of weightlessness and interplay between reality and illusion that captivates viewers with their exquisite details. Haruka Miyanaga's unique porcelain works in knotted forms embody the connection between the production process and the shape. Korean artist Ho Jung Kim explores the relationship between colour and materials with vibrant and captivating blue works, and Hong Kong ceramics artist, Cheung Wai Sze Rachel's abstract and minimalist works explore the beauty of balance through pure lines, circles, and three-dimensional surfaces. Meanwhile, Chan Sze Kwong Ray's mural works explore the plasticity and characteristics of bone china, highlighting a sense of simplicity.


The modern art works with distinct styles shine brilliantly alongside one another, offering a unique and enchanting world of white porcelain art that invites viewers to experience the exquisite artistry of these talented artists. We cordially invite you to come and explore the possibilities of white porcelain art expression at this exhibition.

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