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Toru Kurokawa: Rhythm

2023.04.04 - 2023.04.29​

Exhibition Statement


"I love working with musicians, physicists, and also with florists."

Touch Gallery is thrilled to present "Toru Kurokawa: Rhythm", a solo exhibition featuring famous Japanese sculpture artist Toru Kurokawa and his new body of works.


‘I want to pursue the possibility of "emptiness" and find a simple and beautiful shape. This is an important topic for me. Because when I come into contact with it, I am exploring the relationship between space and sculpture; between structure and sculpture; and between human spirit and sculpture as a practice.” The seemingly free and disordered natural world is based on mathematical laws. When human beings are part of nature, "Dao" always exists outside and inside our lives. Japanese artist Toru Kurokawa uses this clue to think and create sculptures.


Kurokawa's early sculptures were inspired by the natural growth of coral and plant formation, as they captured the vibrancy of life in nature without actually replicating any particular form. In his new works, the shapes of the pieces are inspired by mathematical calculations and formulas, but are still charcoal-fired in traditional climbing kilns, passing smoke through the natural, unusually high-temperature firing process to give a metallic carbonised surface. Through his unique creative process, Kurokawa creates sculptural forms unlike any other Japanese artist.


Most of Toru Kurokawa's works are spiral hollow geometric shapes, with an obvious sense of mysterious existence. Not only is it engaging, it also inspires a spiritual connection with nature. Drawing inspiration from the organic and geometric shapes of natural objects such as rocks, trees and mountains, his work embodies the essence of the human spirit, giving them powerful qualities.

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