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Translucent Whispers: Mika Sato Solo Exhibition

Mika Sato, Leung Pui Yi

2023.12.05 - 2023.12.30 

Exhibition Statement


Mika Sato has showcased her unique "Neriage'' style and made a remarkable impression in the exhibitions she has collaborated on with Touch Ceramics over the past few years, deeply reflecting her perseverance and pursuit in the path of ceramic art. As the year comes to an end, Touch Ceramics once again invites Mika Sato to collaborate and proudly presents her solo exhibition, "Translucent Whispers: Mika Sato Solo Exhibition.”

Mika Sato's works are deeply rooted in the traditional arts and aesthetics of Japan, with a close relationship between her artistic techniques and materials. Through her exquisite craftsmanship, she combines materials with varying degrees of translucency to create patterns and shapes that generate shadows. This manipulation of light adds a sense of transparency and dynamism to her works, as if they exist in different dimensions.

When appreciating Mika Sato's artworks, one can almost feel the breath and vitality infused into the objects, as they exude abundant life force. In this exhibition, apart from showcasing her newly created artworks, Sato has prepared unexpected surprises for the Hong Kong audience. She presents her distinctive "Neriage" sculptures, demonstrating creations that are seemingly impossible within the realm of "Neriage.”

Simultaneously, for this exhibition, Touch Ceramics has specially invited Hong Kong artist Leung Pui Yi to participate, showcasing her new creations alongside Mika Sato, presenting a cross-media artistic feast. Leung Pui Yi utilises mineral painting as her creative medium, often focusing on figures and everyday life as subjects. She observes the subtle relationship between everyday objects and human beings to create artwork that brings daily life into the picture, traversing the realms of contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

Welcome everyone to Touch Ceramics to appreciate the "Translucent Whispers: Mika Sato Solo Exhibition'' and immerse yourselves in the world of Mika Sato's Japanese aesthetics. Explore the profound connection between art and everyday life within her artworks and experience the exquisite resonance created between the artworks and the exhibition space.

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