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ARTISTS / Uranaka Kotaro


Uranaka Kotaro (b.1984) was born in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, and graduated from the Tohoku University of Art and Design in 2010. He further honed his craft at the Kanazawa Utatsuyama Craft Workshop and has continued to dedicate himself to the pursuit of his art. Uranaka brings forth a fresh perspective with his new tin sake vessels, which blend seasonal landscapes such as snowstorms, forests, and blossoms, evoking a poetic essence. Using metal as a medium, his works transcend traditional object forms. The artist's exquisite pure tin sake vessels enhance the sweetness and smoothness of the sake, allowing us to savour its multiple layers. In 2022, he was honoured with the NHK Kanazawa Broadcasting 

Corporation Director's Award at the 78th Kanazawa City Craft Exhibition, gaining recognition nationwide.

1984 Born in Wakayama Prefecture
2010 Completed the Master’s course of Tohoku University of Art and Design
2013 Completed the training program of Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo
2014 Worked as a metal carving assistant in the Creative Manufacturing Design Department, Akita University of Art
2018- Staff member of Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo
2022 Awarded with the NHK Kanazawa Broadcasting Station Director-General’s Prize in the 78th Kanazawa Craft Exhibition

2024 Thousand Faces: Sakewares Exhibition III,TOUCH Ceramics HK

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