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Voyage of Light - Glass Art group Exhibition

2022.05.03 - 2022.05.29

Exhibition Statement

The foundation of contemporary glass art is developed from Venice, Italy. It became the major centre of Europe’s glassmaking in the 14th century and it is still a popular destination for glass artists and glass lovers to visit nowadays. The highly skilled craftsmen create glass artworks incisively and remarkably. The buildings, accessories and even tableware showed the integration of traditional glass craftsmanship and the daily life of the local people. Today, the splendid glass culture bloomed in Japan. Glass products were luxury items dedicated to the upper class, until the 18th century, glass craftsmanship was popularised, and contemporary craftsmen inherited the skills to improve it. The fusion of Western glass art and Japanese traditional aesthetics has opened up a unique glass art world.


To begin our summer in 2022, Touch Ceramics proudly presents ‘Hymn of Light - Glass Art group Exhibition’, as to refresh the audience with colourful and refined glass artworks, also to embrace the summer with happiness. We have invited Italian glass master Silvia Levenson who fuses European traditional craftsmanship with modern art and design, bringing a new visual aesthetic impact; on the other hand, we have new generation of Japanese glass artists: Rui Sasaki, Yuka Yamazaki, Ayaha Fujiwara, Mio Kosaka and Chie Mekata who use blown glass to exert the ductility of the material, present the changing and flowing beauty of glass; while kiriko master Toshiyasu Nakamura cut and carved beautiful patterns on the glass. Different techniques endow the glass with free and vibrant artistic expression. The ever-changing shapes and gorgeous colours of glass artworks combined with Japanese aesthetics are attracting the international art scene. Under different generations and cultural backgrounds, the exhibition explores the possibility of glass art expression with contemporary artworks in various styles.


Touch Ceramics and the professional glassmakers together present the colourful future with glass, and welcome the dawn of life with gorgeous artworks.

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