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ARTISTS / Wong Chak Hung

Wong Chak Hung


Wong Chak Hung (b.1963) was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from The Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1989. His distinctive style of the painted MTR mosaic squares is significantly recognised by the audience since millennium. The simplicity of his works release a strong state of calm and quietude, reflecting the artist’s tranquility mind. Audiences from Hong Kong may feel emotionally connected to Wong’s work easily, a rather intimate interaction between the audience and their everyday life memories. Wong was well recognised for his remarkable work, his works are collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Culture Museum, Fung Ping Shan Museum, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Baptist University amongst other academic institutions and private collections.

1963     Born in Hong Kong

1989     Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine 

               Art in Beijing


Solo Exhibition

2017     ‘Solo Exhibition’, Galerie Koo

2015     ‘Wong Chak Hung solo Exhibition’, Art  

               Experiences Gallery, Hong Kong

2013     ‘Solo Exhibition’, JCCAC Art Village MOST,

               Hong Kong, China

2012      ‘Wong Chak Hung - 1:1 100% Hyperrealism’, 

               JCCAC Art Village MOST, Hong Kong, China

2009      ‘Wong Chak Hung Art Space’, The Fringe 

               Club Slowear Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2005     ‘Solo Exhibition’, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 

               Hong Kong, China

2000     ‘Solo Exhibition’, Hong Kong Baptist