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ARTISTS / Chang Xi-Yuen

Artworks exhibited at TOUCH Ceramics:


Chang Xi Yuen (b.1971) is a Taiwanese ceramic artist. Following foundation training in painting and craftsmanship including pottery, he works in the architecture industry. specialises in wood firing and insists on preparing his own clay bodies, using a unique carving technique to shape his works. Chang has been selected for numerous ceramic awards including Taiwan Gold Teapot Prizes and has held multiple exhibitions since 2008. During the period of 2022 to 2023, Chang focused on restoration work and joined the restoration workshop at the Taiwan Craft Center, specializing in object restoration and educational outreach.


2022 Pingtung Award

Second prize at the Miaoli Award
2008 Contemporary Ceramic Golden Pot Award - Selected
Taiwan Ceramic Gold Prize for Tableware Single Item
2007 Yushan Art Award - Selected
2006 New Pottery Award - Bronze Award
Kaohsiung Art Award - Selected
Taiwan Craft Competition - Selected
1998 Taichung County Art Exhibition Craft Category - Selected



 work of the Miaoli Award: "Yu Shen Xi Huo"


2024 Thousand Faces: Sakewares Exhibition III,TOUCH Ceramics HK

2020 Osaka Craft Exchange Exhibition in Japan

Exhibition of Results from the Kintsugi Porcelain Creation Workshop
2017 "Ceramic Shadows and Ink Traces" - Joint exhibition with Zhou Miaowen
2016 "Taiwan Top Crafts" - Hangzhou, China
Cultural and Creative Industries Expo
2011 Zhang Xiyuen Ceramic Art Solo Exhibition
Taichung Dazhun Cultural Center Exhibition
2008 1st Contemporary Ceramic Art Taiwan Golden Pot Award Exhibition
2009 2nd Contemporary Ceramic Art Taiwan Golden Pot Award Exhibition
2010 Taiwan Ceramics Exhibition

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