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Time Travellers - Joint Exhibition of Ogata Kamio and Kazunori Ohnaka

When clay meets fire, a piece of ceramic is born. People say that the history of ceramics can be traced back to the moment fire was invented. Ceramics, is even more ahead than we thought in the timeline. 

Japanese ceramic artist Ogata Kamio reinvented the technique of Nerikomi, which was firstly found in Tang Dynasty, and arrange patterns of layers and layers of clay in his own modern and illusional style. Over 70 years old now, Mr Kamio strives to create complete new forms of nerikomi art and we are proud to debut his latest sculptural works 'floating in the space" in this exhibition. The new series of work does not only bring us to the imagination of the future, but also demonstrate the milestone of Mr Ogata's dedication in his own art

On the other side of the timeline, we have another Japanese ceramic artist, Kazunori Ohnaka, who adds quaint touches to his works and creates a vintage, calm and peaceful atmosphere. Mr Ohnaka has to main series of creations which are the Rusting and Meting collections, representing his projection of ceramics after being buried in earth many years after, all the way to eternity.

In this exhibition, Touch Ceramics stretches the timeline from the previous Song Dynasty to its two ends, to the past and future. We are also very honored to have award-winning florist M.dimension to have floral arrangement workshops on the two artists vase works.

TOUCH Ceramics
Address:Shop 203, 2/F, Block 3 Barrack Block, 10 Hollywood Rd, Central, HK
Tel: 2562 9000
Opening hours: 11am-7pm, Tuesday to Sunday, closes on Monday and public holidays

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