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For old time's sake - An exhibition of Rosanna Li Wei-han's Ceramic Figurines
2019.07.05 - 08.18
Opening reception: 2019.07.05 (FRI) 6:30pm

How much has been changed in ten years?​


Is the 'Cha chaan teng (Hong Kong style restaurant)' you used to visit still the same? You might still be using Walkman by then but it has been replaced by your smartphone now all ready right? What about the Cantonese song you used to listen to days and night? Can you still find the family-run grocery stores you used to visit downstairs? Or they have been taken over by chain stores?​


Touch Ceramics is excited to hold a solo exhibition for one of the most well-known local ceramic artists, Rosanna Li Wei-han. In this exhibition, she will showcase a selection of her signature fat and lovely ceramic figurines created in recent ten years across themes and topics. From listening to Walkman to shopping in grocery stores; from enjoying a meal alone in 'Dai pai dong (outdoor food stall)' to having a feast with partner in 'Cha chaan teng’, her works summarise the life of each and every ordinary Hong Konger in the previous decade. No matter how much has changed, the funny postures and adorable smiles of the figurines are still the same. Aren’t they cheering up the Hong Kongers in a way?


We sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition, feel the old days and ponder how much you have changed in these ten years.

TOUCH Ceramics
Address:Shop 203, 2/F, Block 3 Barrack Block, 10 Hollywood Rd, Central, HK
Tel: 2562 9000
Opening hours: 11am-7pm, Tuesday to Sunday, closes on Monday and public holidays

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