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In a Crowded Silence- Silvia Granata's Solo Ceramics Exhibition
2019.08.23 - 10.06
Opening reception: 2019.08.23 (FRI) 6:30pm

Touch Ceramics is proud to hold a solo exhibition for Silvia Granata, a talented ceramic artist who is famous for her works with thousands of porcelain segments applied one next to the other in order to represent flows: a structured rhythm made of full and empty spaces, of concave and convex particles, of shades of colours. You may first think for a group of crowded peaks when you see her works. When you look closer, they are more like some tender feathers aligning in a certain direction. And when you try to trace the direction of the works, you have then entered a silent and peaceful world.

Silvia is an award winner in ceramics around the world. In the past six years, she has almost 30 exhibitions in Europe as well as Asia, while her works have also been collected by a number of museums. This exhibition is also her first solo exhibition in Asia. We sincerely invite to you come to he exhibition, and explore a new dimension of contemporary ceramics art.

We are also very excited that Silvia will host three porcelain workshops. This would be a valuable experience. Seize the chance!

TOUCH Ceramics
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