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"Brace up the Harbour, Embrace the Globe. Stay Touched, Stay in TOUCH."

Founded in 2018 by ceramist, Kintsugi artist, educator, and collector, Mr. Enders Wong, in Tai Kwun, Central, where history and art are intertwined, Touch Gallery has evolved from a specialised ceramics gallery to three independent and mutually echoing contemporary art gallery spaces. Through innovative and diverse exhibitions, we aim to inspire our audiences.

As the gallery celebrates its fifth anniversary, our motto "Touch" now carries additional meanings and missions. From the unique tactile enjoyment of ceramic art to the artistic touch emphasised in contemporary art, Touch Gallery serves as not only a gateway to Hong Kong's local art but also a point of contact for culture lovers around the globe.

Touch Gallery has showcased local artists to the global canon at major art fairs, presenting different possibilities of contemporary art. Moving forward, we will continue to provide borderless, enriching art experiences and solidify Hong Kong's significant position among the global art scenes.

Szelit Cheung
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